Stylo Doodles

Submit An Image

Do you have an image you'd love to share with the community? Submitting your own image to the gallery is done by opening a pull request against the stylo-doodles repository adding your image as a Jupyter Notebook to the notebooks/ folder.

In order for your notebook to integrate into the website's build system you also need to do the following.

  1. Your image must be stored in a variable called image
  2. You also need to define a dictionary called info in the very first cell of the notebook.

This dictionary needs to contain the following information

info = {
 "title": "Your Image Title",
 "author": "Your Name",
 "github_username": "your_github_username",
 "stylo_version": "0.6.0",
 "dimensions": (1920, 1080)

You can use the existing notebooks as a guide. Be sure to drop by the stylo gitter chat room if you get stuck we'll be happy to help!